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Chicago ENG shooting
Commercial shooting
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Production equipment

We constantly expand and upgrade our list of in-house gear and cool accessories so we can meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.



  • Sony FX9 4K camera with Venice color science, 6K sensor

  • Sony FS7's cameras with HD and 4K capability

  • Panasonic HD P2 cameras

  • Sony FX3 4K camera, a match to the FX9

  • Letus Helix Jr. and DJI Ronin-RS2 stabilized gimbals

  • Mavic Air 2 drone kit

  • GoPro HD and 4k cameras, DJI Osmo 4k kit

  • Fujinon, Zeiss, and Xeen Zoom and prime lense kits

Monitoring, Camera Support & Grip:

  • Panasonic 24" HD studio monitor

  • SmallHD 17” HD field monitor

  • Atomos 5" Ninja & 7" Shogun Flame monitor/recorders

  • Sachtler tripods

  • 18x12 greenscreens, various backdrops

  • 2'-4' adjustable camera sliders, 30" automated slider

  • EZ EFX jib package- 7' reach

  • Flex-track dolly with 20' track

  • Dana Dolly Universal kit with 10' pipe & stands

  • Flip Q 17” Teleprompter system, iPad portable prompter



  • Sound Devices 688, 664 and 442 mixers

  • Sennheiser and Rode boom and handheld mics

  • Lectrosonic wireless microphone systems, wireless hops, programmable frequencies

  • Sanken and Tram lavalier microphones



  • Newtek TriCaster system

  • Laptop for graphic input

  • Decimators, monitors, cables and support gear



  • Litepanels Gemini 1x1 soft panels

  • Kino-Flo Diva LED 20 2x1 softlights

  • Kino-Flo Diva-400 kits

  • Lightpanels Astra Bi-color LED 1x1's, LED bi-color kits

  • HMI lighting- 400w, 575w, 1200w and 1800w

  • Arri Lighting Kits, including 1K, (2) 650w and (1) 300 watt lights w/gels, scrims, and Chimera softboxes

  • Mole Mini, Midget and Baby fresnels

  • 8'x8' and 4'x4' frame kits

  • Miscellaneous grip gear including: apple boxes, C-Stands, clamps, dimmers, sandbags

Prime lenses
Grip equipment

1-ton Truck contents, can be configured for your specific needs:


2- 457 HMI Par ( Adjustable 400w, 575w and 700w )



4- 1000w Mole Richardson 6" Baby

4- 1000w Mole Richardson Open Face Mickey

4- 650w Mole Richardson Tweenie

2- 300w Mole Richardson Betweenie

2- 200w Mole Richardson Midget


KINO FLO LIGHTING: ( Can be replaced with a 400 Diva. )

1- 2x4 Kino Flo

2- 2x2 Kino Flo



1- Small Chimera w/Baby Speed Ring and Mickey Speed Ring

1- Xtra Small Chimera w/Tweenie/Betweenie/Midget Speed Ring



1- 6x6 Frame w/Poly Silk, Solid, Double Net, Single Net,

     ¼ Stop Silk

1- 4x4 Road Flag Kit

2- 36”x36” Floppy

2-36”x36” Ultra Bounce Floppy

4- 24'x36' Solid, 1 Single. 1 Double, 1 Silk

4- 18'x24' Solid, 1 Single, 1 Double, 1 Silk

1- 4x4 Foam Core

8- C Stand

1- 7’ Mathboom

1- Baby C Stand

2- Double Riser Combo Stand

6- Triple Riser Beefy Baby Stand

4- Medium Duty Baby Stand

1- Baby Baby Stand


12- 15lb Shot Bags

2- Nesting Apple Box, Full, Half, Quarter, Pancake


Assorted mounting hardware EI: Maffers, Cartellinies, Scissor Clamps, C-Clamps, Pipe Clamps, Speed Rail.



6- 25' 12/3 Stinger

6- 50' 12/3 Stinger

2- 1k Dimmer

1- 600w Dimmer

2- 300w Dimmer

4- Cube Tab



Gaffers Tape

Black Wrap


Dulling Spray

Spray Mount


Cable Ties

2- Grip Carts

Bigfoot Production Van
Bigfoot audio packages
Bigfoot 3-ton grip truck