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From handling the creative to executing your vision, Bigfoot Productions, Inc. creates dynamic video content for the most prestigious and discerning clients around the world. An all-star team of production professionals make up the Bigfoot brand and produce and execute production projects on every scale and on any budget. From single-camera studio shoots and multi-camera ENG crews to large-scale HD and 4K productions, live broadcasts, webcasts and events, Bigfoot is at the forefront – working with today's most advanced video and technology innovations, software and digital creative solutions.


Clients rely on our uniquely experienced and collaborative approach for creating and developing concepts, script writing, art direction and project management, while utilizing the most imaginative and experienced talent in the industry. For over 25 years we have been delivering great video content for our clients and partners.


Joe Bogdan is the man and the big feet (size 15), behind Bigfoot Productions. An experienced, award winning DP, Joe is also an accomplished editor, director and producer. His vast experience is a huge benefit to any production, no matter what role he serves. He calls himself the 'Swiss army knife of video', a perfect analogy for someone with his type of tool set. But it doesn't stop there, Joe also brings a great energy and commitment to each production, helping to make every opportunity a successful and satisfying one.

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