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Creativity starts here

Bigfoot Productions, Chicago’s preeminent digital media production studio, delivers clear and focused creative video productions with targeted impact and unrestrictive imagination.

Because we are totally committed to our clients’ success, we take an involved approach from concept through delivery – taking you step-by-step through the creative process, starting with the development of the initial concept through digital distribution and live delivery with our a full spectrum of creative and production resources.

Bigfoot Productions’ clients value our project leadership, professionalism, loyalty and creative excellence, because it is our ultimate goal to exceed your creative and technical expectations.

Incorporating creative technique and fully utilized digital media necessitates client-driven solutions.  Each project has a unique set of objectives, as well as specific technical parameters, and must be uniquely crafted for maximum impact and achievement of our clients' goals.

Since 1991, we’ve been leading the way in digital media with creative solutions, smart budgets and big feet.  Bigfoot Productions…  taking creativity one step further.  


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