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Video production services

Bigfoot deploys some of the most sophisticated gear in the industry, and we’re always experimenting with the cutting edge of what is possible – technically and creatively – in video production today. From the very high end to the most economical, we assemble just the right package for each particular job:

  • HD & 4K variable speed cameras
  • Full lighting and grip gear
  • Audio

  • Jibs, dollies, sliders, gimbals, drone

  • Webcasting

  • Full size production van

  • 1 ton & 3 ton grip trucks





We’ll meet with you in pre-production to work out your budget and creative needs and put together the optimum blend of cameras, lighting, and sound for your individual project. We understand budget constraints and how to get the most value out of limited resources. We also know how to operate high-end tools for a high-end production. From gimbal motion rigs to green screen productions, from High Def to 4k, if you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Our crewmembers are all highly trained and experienced in a variety of production mediums, including corporate and industrial videos, news, events and commercials.

We provide:

  • Scriptwriters

  • Producers and Directors

  • Directors of photography and videographers

  • Audio engineers

  • Gaffers and grips

  • Production coordinators

  • Makeup artists

  • Teleprompter and operators

  • Editors

  • Graphic artists and animators

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