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Post-production services


At Bigfoot Productions, we offer the best post-production tools the industry has to offer. Our editors use Adobe Premiere Pro CC editing systems with the latest software and plug-ins.  Bigfoot's compositing wizards use Adobe After Effects, plug-ins and several 3D modeling programs to create astonishing graphics and animations with impact. Our experienced editors and graphic artists, truly the crucial and final step in the creative process, are dedicated to our clients’ projects through the final stages of production.  

  • Adobe Premiere video editing

  • Remote location editing- anywhere!

  • Motion graphics

  • After Effects compositing

  • 3D animation

  • Cinema 4D

  • Visual effects

  • Sound design


Does your video need innovative cutting? Would you like a seamless, efficient workflow from pre-production through post-production? Let Bigfoot Productions handle the post and delivery of your next project.


Call us at 312-276-0560 or visit our contact page.

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